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    January 29, 2013
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industrial just short of the 14,000 level. plus, no disappointment in amazon's failure to hit the profit target. we'll tell you about that. apple with a new ipad launch, and research in motion ready for the critical release of the new blackberry 10 operating system. that's all in tonight's "money line." the president claims of the more secure border are not supported by the enforcement facts and not supported by the government accountability office. a gao report shows nearly 40% of illegal imgrants avoided apprehension by the border patrol and made it across the border into this country, and immigration and customs enforcement agents claim the obama administration, itself, is blocking them from carrying out their enforcement assignment. a federal judge has ruled their lawsuit against i.c.e. director john morton can move forward. that lawsuit claims that director morton's memorandum on
prosecutor discretion prohibit agents from arrests illegal immigrants, potentially making them violate their oath of office. following the president's speech today, following the proposal by the gang of eight, and the legislation remains uncertain. first, create the borders, create an effective employment verification system to ensure businesses don't hire illegal immigrants, to create visa programs for highly skilled, highly educated workers, and so establish a new agricultural worker program, and to then establish a pathway to citizenship for those illegal immigrants who deserve the opportunity. joining us now, one of the attorneys representing the i.c.e. agents and the co-author of a number of state anti-illegal immigration laws, the secretary of state, the great state of kansas, chris, good to have you with us. also, alberto with us, attorney,
good to have you with us. former prosecutor, fox news legal analyst, leis. i'll start, chris, with you. your reaction, first, to the bipartisan plan that insists upon border security first. >> well, a couple of things. one is the outlines of the plan. we don't have the specifics yet, but outlines are similar to what we saw in 2006-2007. last time we had a big amnesty bill in front of the senate, and, you know, i think the biggest problem, even though it does have republicans signing on is the fact that it's going to cost us over $2.6 trillion, the price tag of the last amnesty. when you give legal status to all of these illegal aliens, they, then, become eligible for food stamps, medicaid, medicare, social security, wick, all the other programs, and they contribute in so little in income and taking out so much in welfare it costs $2.6 trillion last time. lou: $2 trillion assumes illegal
immigrants avail themselves of welfare. senator rubio says absolutely not. the bipartisan senators say absolutely not. let me give you the reaction to president obama's speech today, and then i want to turn to you. first, i want to take up senator rubio's comments. he said, "i am concerned by the president's unwillingness to accept significant enforcement triggers before current undocumented immigrants apply for a green card. without the triggers in place, enforcement systems are not implemented and back in a few years dealing with millions of new undocumented people in our country. furthermore, the president ignored the need for a modernized guest worker program to ensure those who want to immigrate legally to make the economy do so in the future, and, finally, the president's speech believes reforming immigration quickly is more important than reforming immigration rights." your response?
>> i agree with what senator rubio said. i disagree with chris. the federal law is clear. if you're not an individual who has been here on a permanent green card for more than five years, the state can't consider you giving you any type of government assistance, period. that's what got us set forward. i don't know where the 2.6 trillion mark comes from. i know in loss wages, we are losing certain revenue that comes into the tax system. quite frankly, the president does need to look at the fact that congress is going to shake the bill. the elected legislature or house of representatives in a congress to lead us in that exercise with the american people, and that's what we have to get to. you know, lou, i think the president did make a good speech, yet again, but speeches are not actions. actions need to -- lou: you said it was a good speech. i just said to the audience that he said nothing of substance, offered no proposal, no plan. in fact, it was a 20 #-minute,
frankly, of wasted time when it comes to policy initiatives. how do you say it's a good speech? >> well, we're getting the dialogue started, i think, and you just can't sit back and do nothing. lou: we give one another credit for just talking rather than actually doing something. >> well, here's what i would like to see him do -- lou: how generous are you? >> not as generous, but interjecting himself at this point where they had the proposed legislation, pretty much knocking it down saying i'm not going to shore up the borders, and, yeah, it was a point, continue to strengthen border security. that was it. lou: border security, condition presee dent to the legislation that is anticipated by the gang of eight. chris, i understand your reservations, and you are philosophically ideologically
opposed to this initiative, but, in fact, senator schumer was constrained as he led on this issue for the democratic party. obviously, john mccain has been here before. shoulder to shoulder with senator ted kennedy in 2006 and 2007. these people have to understand that the frustration of the past six or seven years continue if both the president, this is his apparent intent, is to get a full loaf and to give up nothing. one -- the president gets a bit tiresome in this all or nothing approach to public policy. what is a way forward here from your likes, chris? >> well, i have to comment that i agree completely, lou. the president is going for the all or nothing deal. i will say the gang of eight senate proposal is heavily weighted towards amnesty, not much on enforcement, and has
senator schumer's fingerprints on it. for example, it doesn't say e-verify is mandatory for everybody, but that we'll create a new system 15 years in the future, and then it's mandatory to implement. even the senate deal is not a deal for those who care about the rule of law. lou: i would have to our is senator rubio. he is a conservative. he is knowledgeable on the subject. he's worked ompt subject, which is something that very few republicans, other than john mccain can assert, i think, convincingly. >> well, you know, we'll see where he stands, but at this point, it's all, you know, very vague talk. lou: absolutely. >> we see the prospect for progress though, to the earlier question, that we can do a lot of smaller things that really make sense, like the stem jobs bill. everybody agrees stem jobs, 55,000 --
lou: senator rubio moving forward with that legislation. >> right. lou: introduced as a sponsor today. >> let's do that on its own rather than tieing it to amnesty. so many things to do that we don't have to hold hostage next to amnesty. move forward on what we agree on. lou: when i hear the word "comprehensive" these days, after years of the debate, this struggle, i sort of, you know, i just say, please, just talk straight. no gamesmanship, no politics. a public policy that will help the estimated 11 million, we know it's more than that, but 11 million people in the country who deserve that opportunity. your thoughts of how to go forward here? >> go forward putting prerequisites dealing with the 11 million. enforce border security, have a u.s. exit program so we know when people leave, they come in, they leave. we also have to have that e-verify, and we have to have that enhancement of knowing, you
know, who we are employing, but we also got to have temporary worker program. we're never able to fill the needs we have with a visa system that's broken if we don't have the visas needed. we don't want to disadvantage americans. lou: let's take a quick break. we're going to come back. i want to take up the issue of why is this country focusing instead of on 23 million americans who remain without work on 11 million who are up documented but still have the opportunity to buy homes, have mortgages, bank accounts, and carry only a life far from the shadows. we'll take that up, and, also, the important case in which i.c.e. agents succeeded in moving ahead against their own director because they claim the obama administration is actually blocking their efforts to enforce the law. we're coming right back.
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lou: getting to the heart of the issue in this today. the president's ego overtaking, i think, at least consideration for those senators and the prospects for a success, and, also, senator rubio making it
clear once again to the president as he forewarned this morning that it is absolutely unacceptable not to link the patway to citizenship and all of these reforms to first and foremost boarder security. >> that is correct. you're absolutely right, lou, and rubio's right. i don't doubt that the republican and even some democratic senators who are with him on this proposal are really thinking about the security of our country first, and i applaud them for doing that. what's the prerequisites? what's the country saying to itself when we address the undocumented population? something we want to do because we feel like it or things we have to have in place. lou: let's not go that deep psychologically, but i think everyone at this point is ready to do what's best for the country, and that is, of course, as 66% of those surveyed in the most recent fox news poll, says let's resolve the issue. at the same time, this administration refuses to, as i
just said, to put security first, and, indeed, just lost a court case against i.c.e. agents suing the administration blocking them from doing their job. >> court case in texas, the judge said, look, you know, here's the agents, ten agents, they came in and said we can't do our job. we're told on the one hand to uphold obama administration's policy and not detain people, and there's caveats, have to be under 16, not over the age of 30, no criminal record, but we're told, in that case, not to detain them or start the deportation hearings or anything, not even information about them, versus upholding the constitution what we were told to do under immigration federal law. lou: do you remember another case in which federal agents had to sue their boss to get the opportunity -- >> to do their job, and, you know, do their job under the oath they took. it's a catch 22.
lou: can you think of another? >> i can't. the wheels are turns, but i'm not thinking of anything. lou: chris, they prevail friday in federal court. it moves forward. this is got -- this is extraordinary. let me ask you the same question i asked. can you think of another time? you've been doing briefs on this. has there been another time where federal officers had to sue their boss to get the opportunity to actually live up to their oaths of office? >> no, i can't think of another case, and i can't think of any other example of where a federal law enforcement agency head has ordered his own agents to break the law. closest is fast and furious with the department of justice under this president, but, no, it's extraordinary. these agents are put in this bizarre position where federal statute says you must place certain illegal aliens into deportment, and, yet, obama through napolitano, orders the
agents to break the law. we represent them and said to the judge in the briefings, look, we're injured here. the agents are injured because they told you break the law yourself, or you face employment consequences. you know, you could be fired, put on leave, whatever. it's a real mystery for the agents to be able to make their case, and i think it's going to be tough for the obama administration to defend the indefensible here ordering law enforcement agents to break the law. lou: there are, however, and defending the indefensible, some say they are practiced at it. chris, thank you so much for being with us. thank you. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it. up next, the revolt against egypt's president resulting in the death of at least 60 demonstrators since last week. the future of the morsi regime, next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai,
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lou: dow jones finishing short of the 14,000 level today. investors cheered news that home prices rose to a six year high, and less concerned by decline in consumer confidence for a third straight month. the dow today, up 72.5, and s&p up seven. almost eight. the nasdaq is flat. volume on the big board today, 3.9 billion shares picking up. amazon stock higher, and electronic trading, as you see there. the company posting fourth quarter results short of targets on earnings, but amazon, even though cautious in its guidance, pleasing investors, certainly doing that now. we're looking at about almost a 24-point move there. apple introducing a new ipad with 128 gigabites of storage. apple market camp back over 430 billion. that's right, the most valuable company, some $12 billion more
than exxon-mobil, number two. blackberry 10, the stock miranda -- morn doubled in anticipation of the phone with a new operating system. ahead of the announcement, reflected cautious, a little doubt. all praising the immigration innovation act by a group of senators, as we said earlier, including senator marco rubio. joining me to talk potential impacts on the tech industry and what it going on. the tech industry is not contactually dull. that's why the senior editor for all things focusing relentlessly. >> thanks for having me. lou: the visa, in my opinion, the bane of the technology sector because it's misused, abused, and misunderstood forever. >> yes, exactly. when you talk to tech executives
across the political spectrum, all leaning republican, a devoted democrat -- lou: chamber of commerce, believe the same stuff. >> exactly. the basic argument goes like this. when foreign students come to the u.s., study in the universities and colleges, get, else a pfd, more than often they leave, and more than not, they want to create companies. lou: we're a nation of immigrants. everybody gets that. what people don't get with the h1v visa, which it bring in technology workers, tend to go to indian outsourcing companies primarily in this country. they take the per pond rains, and secondly, the levels, there are four levels, they don't take them and place them under the highest technological education
or work that they will be doing. instead, they fall to the lower levels of the h1b in terms of skill sets and education. this is per postrows. >> i think it's entirely poll. it could be the case. i'm not familiar with the levels you talk about, but what i know is i know that more often than not, i cover a segment of the technology industry called big data, and that requires special -- lou: let me be clear, though. even as i -- if you're in the conversation with the facts r i absolutely support, i want every person with higher levels of education, with higher skill sets in the country available to american enterprise, entrepreneurs, innovation. i want it all. i want them to be straight with the american people. just once, come on, everybody, be straight about it. >> right. lou: let's go out and make sure we get that ph.d.. >> get that ph.d.. one of the tricks the tech
industry asks for, and you probably heard this before, when you get that ph.d., get the visa stapled back to the di dipa so you can say. get the job experience you need, and if you want to be an entrepreneur, start the company. there's a lot of great startups run by people from the eastern, former soviet block who are here. lou: and i can tell you about a lot of engineers, computer systems who have not got work right now. people have to be honest about that. you need technology with leadership that means spending money and putting people to work and innovate. what's google got in cash? we're talking hundred billion dollars each, you know, hp or rim, but the rest it's extraordinary. do we have a screen of that? let's put this up. see what eric thinks of that.
this is cash -- cash on hand. it's a great expression. apple, 137 million. google, 48 million. microsoft, 68 billion. intel, show us something here. >> cisco bought a company in the czech republic today. that's another area of tech policy. they want a tax holiday to have the lower rate. lou: that's exciting other than one thing. those tech leaders are not idiots, and the fact of the matter is they are bright folks, and that money should be driving towards creating product and services and innovating. it bother me less about the tax policy, frankly, than the fact they don't obviously have an idea. the lack of ideas will kill any capitalist. >> any one of the executives plead few dish ri responsibility. lou: i believe every one of
them. >> very true. lou: thank you so much. >> you bet. lou: appreciate it. more on wall street and how high the dow could climb coming up next. major league baseball grabs headlines this super bowl week. forgot bonds and sosa, new steroid super stars for you. we have them next. president obama flew nine hours to las vegas to give a big speech on immigration. turns out, he didn't have much to say. is he trying to blow up the deal? the a-team joins us next. five days of violence, egypt's government on the verge of collapse. fox news middle east terrorism expert joins us next. ♪ but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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lou: president obama authorizing an additional 100 define million in humanitarian aid for syria. today's announcement comes as
the administration faces rising pressure to do more to help the syrian rebels. but in a video message aimed at this it -- directly at the syrian people, president obama did not mention taking a more active role. instead he stated the obvious. >> we are under no illusions, the days that will continue to be difficult. but what is clear is that the regime continues to weaken and lose control of territory. the opposition continues to grow stronger. more syrian the standing of their dignity. lou: 60,000 people killed in the 2-year conflict. they certainly know about the difficult days ahead and.. meanwhile, president obama calld israeli prime minister netanyahu yesterday to congratulate him. six days after he won reelection . president obama called mohammad more see hours after he was elected. the head of the egyptian army today warned political unrest is pushing egypt to the brink of
collapse. dili protests are continuing. sixty people had been killed. since friday, fox is the least and terrorist analyst. a little bit of a cold. not helping meet with the audience out tonight. >> they're very serious claims for the following reasons. huge middle-class to muscle society people have been rising since early december. have been dozens of people here, hundreds wounded on the streets. the revolution, the new revolt is not receding. tried to impose zones where populations cannot walk an act.
the army was not able to implement that, so is very serious breakdown. lou: what is your personal view? does he survive this? what other prospects for egypt? >> he is going to use everything that he can. he has a majority in parliament. he has the office of the presidency. he has the control of the ministry of interior security forces and above all he has this very wide militia known as the sell-off this on the ground to make, by the way, this friday take to the streets and go against the demonstrators which would be a big mistake. he will try everything they can to crack down on demonstrators. civil society, people uprising are very stubborn. middle-class labor christian, women, the understand. if he wins this battle he is going to transform egypt into
the wrong, and they would oppose that. lou: those people, as you describe them, are a large faction of the people whose shoulders on which he rose to power. let's turn to, if we may, the international atomic energy agency that they don't believe anything happened. the iranian nuclear site, even though there were reports of an explosion. give us your insight if you will. >> this is one of those situations that involve the united states and ron. they said we don't have any impression about that. they don't want to get involved in it. we heard a vetted in the newspapers which is telling. the opposition is giving a lot of details to and they are in full the nile. what that means is that the israelis services congratulate
him on a victory. president obama called him within hours. the implications, if any? >> these are signs, very clear signs. let's not be mistaken year. the obama administration the trying to say that we're not going to be changing our policy. gradually. lou: thank you for being with us. an amazing story, courage,
sacrifice, and medical advance to share with you and i. the first american soldier to survive using all four limbs and the iraq war now says he's excited for the future. he received a rare double on transplant last month. brendan morocco wheeled himself into a news conference said john saucer to doug johns hopkins hospital in baltimore. >> this is my elbow. not much movement at all, not yet in this arm. at least we are hopeful for the future to get some pretty good function added. lou: doctors expect it will take two to three years for him to regain full use of his new arms. coming up tomorrow, former secretary of state, dr. henry
kissinger joins us on the growing unrest in the middle east, the president of the national immigration and customs enforcement council will be with us. veteran democratic campaign strategist among our guests. stay with us. were coming right back. the president could not resist putting himself right in the middle of immigration reform initiatives. what initiative was a really? the "a-team" will have the answers. go to for links to our facebook page, twitter, send us an e-mail..wel for coming right back. ♪ ll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
♪ lou: former vice president and climate change activist al gore does not like being called a hypocrite. he is trying to explain his sale of his property to algeciras, the network funded by oil money. here is the vice president today explaining it all away.
>> funding for my country that bases its wealth on fossil fuels, and fossil fuels of the enemy. >> and get the criticism. i just disagree because this network is established itself. the objective, one major awards in countries around the world, and climate coverage has been outstanding and extensive. lou: and have to believe that they will be running that frequently on the property that they bought from mr. gore. by the way, you walked away with a hundred million dollars. probably enthusiastic about disagreeing with his critics. joining me now, the "a-team." please to have you back. former bush adviser strategist john christie. good to see you. former clinton adviser, fox is contributor. what a pile.
are you kidding me? surely is more self-respect and to sit there. what was that? >> al gore? >> who else. lou: and don't think that would apply to anybody else. [laughter] >> is funded by fossil fuel money, but these are people the propagated of it does so by extreme groups are not terrorists. the only other thing that was, frankly, a little bit more absurd was the transaction before the turn of the year to avoid the increase in capital gains. >> really close. lou: speaking of politics, let's go to the issue of the president suddenly deciding that he is not going to release his plan. he will talk for 20 minutes. and million and a half dollar supply air force one. nine hours in the air.
is this out of control? >> of course it is. barack obama unchanged. he flies out. he does not lay at the specifics and the president said, comprehensive immigration reform. i have no confidence. this president decided he one step enforce certain laws and ignore others. why should anyone have any faith? >> do you have faith that the gang and they will succeed in moving this bipartisan effort through the congress and the senate? do so honestly without gamesmanship, a political result. >> i do, but with that gamesmanship before politics.
>> that question. >> this is not about policy in my view. >> nothing more, nothing less. >> that is the focal point verses we should be really talking about what will be in this legislation. >> i was just thinking, i'm actually shocked that the president did not ask because it's not that far from texas to las vegas. as george w. bush because he was the first president to start urging this amnesty, and this halfway -- pathway to citizenship. and so i am stunned personally about that. we will take that up when we
continue as we try to stir this just a little bit. we're coming right back. cannot wait to hear what they think about this. this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use. what a coincidence? what's in your wallet? [ all screaming ] watch the elbows ladies.
lou: on super bowl monday media day major league baseball stole the headlines, the miami new times linking several major-league baseball players in line by yankee star alex rodriguez to performance enhancing drug use. the reports saying a-ride, nelson cruz, cabrera, among others, all clients of the miami clinic. rodriguez adamant he only used banned substances from 2001
until 2003. citing sources reporting the yankees are looking at 20 different ways which they can avoid the remaining five years and $114 million left on his contract. let me turn to -- i think it should be commended serving as it can be to the american people . highly regarded newsman. basically he does not want to interfere with the car with this president. i could not believe he was saying that. >> i have been interviewed. i suspect others have. he is not what i would call a shrinking violet. i was surprised and he was that candid and surprised that he did not ask tough questions, whether it be about panetta's your politics.
lou: a question of fairness. i thought that was -- >> no follow-up. lou: bringing the body of public knowledge to elevated state. >> this is not your parents' 60 minutes. as a kid growing up we used always wait for sunday night because they had tough questions, really pointed dialogue, and politicians would score, but this was the extension. >> he admitted he was not granted the interview. he admitted that. i will give them credit for the then erica sitting with the president and the secretary of states. lou: croft. >> yes,. lou: come on. i don't know how many times he has interviewed him, but i am going to guess it is at least a half-dozen.
>> the four americans tragically killed. what did he know and what should -- what did she know? >> that part of the question, they did an interview. mother cordial the accommodating the president and did not release much of the interview for it just about three weeks. at think there may be something here that is more of a dynamic in terms of their relationship rather than anyone being in any way nervous about it. speaking of nervous, it looks like the left is a little nervous about gun-control. it looks like they are hitting a lot more opposition than they expected. >> exactly right. you have seen the elevated level the people going out to try to get guns because they're worried about our ability have guns. that is what they were expecting >> and the extended to hand against. so did senator dianne feinstein. this is an outright grab on guns
and an assault on the second amendment. why pretend otherwise? >> well we should do is to achieve the bipartisan consensus that exists to get rid of the gun show loophole, private sales, and the universal background checks, something that we support. lou: i don't. and the reason i don't support it, as i said to you before, the reason i don't support it is because you have to make a deal with the devil, and the devil, you know, is not something that, you know, you really want to be negotiating the second amendment with. when you talk about harry reid who is -- lou: to see the w.r. talking about. >> metaphorically, the folks who would be heading of that conference discussion on what the legislation would look like. i don't want any part of it. >> but if it was a republican stimulated background. >> the fact is -- >> i just think it is important.
lou: you know, that is great. as support background checks. all support this congress and president and senate doing and daunting with the second amendment. shut up. leave it alone and enforce the law. stay out of the people's business. >> it's politics. classic governmental overreaching. i am in favor of background checks. a litmus test. something important. let me tell you what i am against, 81 abridging the rights of every citizen of the second amendment. >> back rent checks won't do it. >> it is so much more than that. the back to that they might have lists of citizens to own firearms, that is another business. lou: that is why we say thank you. we are armed and dangerous. that is a price. thank you for being with us. we wish you a pleasant evening. good night from new york. see you tomorrow. ♪
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>> president obama unveiling his immigration plan in las vegas, doubling down, get ready to pay up. >> welcome i am charles payne for neil cavuto, partnership senators announces their plans yesterday, and president going further rolling out a proposal including more border security, cracking down on companies hiring illegals, and making it easier for 11 million illegals can be testimony citizens, -- to become citizens, and he is in a rush to make it happen. >> i will send up a bill based on my proposal and insist they vote on it right away. >> the crowd is cheering but my first guest is worrying. tucker carlson said that this plan would cost taxpayers
billion a year, tucker, the crowd does not worry about who is paying for this but how much could it cost us? >> a great deal, do the math, 11 million, people here illegally, this path toe citizen ship would make every wobble i thinkable for -- make every wobble i thinkable for benefits, that would encourage a lot more illegal immigration, you could look at a country on hook for massive new entitlement spending as a result. >> people would say, you know we had an election, spends right now is not a care, the american people don't care. they just want to quote, unquote, do the right thing, that the right thing to to free a path to citizenship for the people. >> i think strictly speaking that is probably right, 65 % of people indicate they would like
it, numbers do not change, math does not change, it is baked into the universe, if you spend more than you bridg bring in doo bankrupt, but there is a political component, more immigrants mean more democratic voters, you have to think that is foremost in the president's mind. >> i guess the threat of sending his proposal, means i'm going to pit out spot, and the republicans that don't vote for this, you will sink further ins a dprova -- in disapproval with hispanics. >> that is liz program. get big or lose big in a way that hispanic voters get's clear message that republican party does not like you, a lot of people believe he hopes to fail in the effort to get legislation through congress, i don't know,